Enjoy Put Yourself First Day Spa’s Current Special

Fall & Winter Special

Put Yourself First Day Spa is currently offering the following special discount for our valuable customers. Take advantage of our spa’s special service discount and enjoy this premium quality service to help optimize your holistic health.

Please view our site for other excellent values on the finest quality spa services available in the Potomac Highlands region. Our clientele from other regions and states travel long distances to our spa to experience the true professionalism and caring touch that our technicians exhibit.

Local residents enjoy the superior spa experience of Put Yourself First Day Spa for special events such as weddings, party and photography preparation, reunions, and for regular body maintenance services. We welcome you to our spa whether it is your first experience with us or if you have already become part of the Put Yourself First Day Spa family. All clients are welcome to take advantage of our special offers.

Fall & Winter Special 5% off 3 or more services that are paid for in full. Services purchased can be used on the same day or on different days.

Reserve your Fall & Winter Special appointment today by contacting the friendly staff of Put Yourself First Day Spa at: (301) 759-5808.