Professional Massage Therapy in LaVale, Maryland

Treat yourself to a professional massage therapy session at Put Yourself First Day Spa of LaVale, Maryland. We offer a selection of customized massage services to help heal your ailing body and soothe your troubled mind. Massages also make excellent gifts! Optimize your health with a relaxing or rejuvenating massage therapy service from Put Yourself First Day Spa, of La Vale, Maryland. Contact us to schedule a massage today: (301) 759-5808.

Put Yourself First Spa’s Specialty Massage One Hour: $90

One of our most popular massages is Put Yourself First Spa’s Specialty Massage. This luxurious, one-hour long massage combines traditional Swedish massage techniques with hot stone therapy to penetrate deep into and relax your muscles thoroughly.Our massage therapist cocoons your hands and feet with hot towels enhanced with essential oils to rejuvenate dry or weary skin. Experience total body relaxation and mental ease with our indulgent specialty massage.

The Bellanina Facelift massage produces a more youthful appearance and improved skin tone.

Bellanina Facelift Massage: $110.00

Thinking about cosmetic surgery? Forget going under the knife and stop in to Put Yourself First Day Spa to experience the amazing Bellanina Facelift Massage. This massage technique has been successfully used since 1989 by in-the-know clients around the world to achieve remarkable effects.

Our massage therapists are trained to produce results including decreased appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye bags, firmer cheeks and jaw line, smoother neck appearance, and softening of the naso-labial folds. Following this massage, clients are pleased to discover a more youthful glow and a smoother, more-even skin tone.

a youthful glow,
smoother skin,
& an even skin tone

Put Yourself First Day Spa’s Massage Menu

If you would like to purchase a spa experience for a loved one, we recommend a gift certificate to allow your guest to select his or her favorite from our list. Put Yourself First Day Spa’s massage menu includes the following premium massages, as well.


This massage uses long, gliding strokes and gentle kneading to assist with toxin removal, encourage relaxation, increase blood and lymph circulation, and melt away muscle tension. We recommend the mild, refreshing Swedish massage for clients who have never experienced body work.

one hour: $60
½ hour: $35

Deep Tissue

This massage of slow strokes and direct muscle pressure is designed to focus on specific problem areas, such as chronic tension and pain. Clients can expect effective, long-lasting relief with this targeted massage.

deep tissue
one hour: $70
½ hour: $40

Combo Massage

Experience the best of the Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage with our combination that expertly relieves muscle tension and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed.

one hour: $65
½ hour: $40

Chinese Facial Massage

Facial and neck acupressure points are targeted to help eliminate toxins. A honey and essential oil mask is applied to promote muscle tone and leave the skin looking and feeling smooth.

facial massage
one hour: $70
½ hour: $40

Facial Massage

Blood circulation is increased to release toxins, firm the skin, and promote healing with the gliding and kneading strokes of our popular facial massage treatment. Clients have reported relief of TMJ symptoms, as well as tension and sinus headaches following this stimulating massage.

one hour: $65
½ hour: $35

Pregnancy Massage

The discomforts of pregnancy are minimized with this gentle, relaxing touch massage that specifically addresses the expectant mother and baby’s need for nurturing touch. Regular pregnancy massage is recommended for all expectant mothers.

one hour: $65
½ hour: $40

Stone Therapy,
Reiki & Reflexology

Experience deep release of muscle tension through the warming effects of our hot river stone therapy. This ancient healing technique is available as an add-on to any of Put Yourself First Day Spa’s massage therapies.

one hour: $20
½ hour: $10
Add on service to any massage

Reiki Energy Work

Tap into the universal life force with Reiki energy work. Allow our talented Reiki therapist to assist you with healing your body, mind, and spirit with this relaxing therapy.

energy work
one hour: $60
½ hour: $35


Restore your body’s natural balance by harnessing the power of the pressure points of your foot with this natural healing art.

one hour: $60
½ hour: $35

Purifying & Detoxifying
Honey Face Lift

Honey is nature’s natural detoxifying agent. Allow your therapist to add a honey facial lift on to end your massage therapy with this therapy that helps eliminate impurities and leaves your face with a healthy glow.

honey lift
add-on to any
massage for
only $20

Aromatherapy Massage

Enjoy the circulatory and mood enhancement benefits of essential oils by adding aromatherapy to your professional massage service. Include an aromatic honey pat to your facial massage to help restore your skin’s natural tone and healthy glow.

add-on to
any massage
for $15

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Foot Massage

40 minute foot treatment starts with a foot soak in aromatic essential oils followed by a 30 minute foot and lower leg massage.