Massage Cupping in LaVale, Maryland

Put Yourself First Day Spa of La Vale, Maryland invites you to experience the healing benefits of professional massage cupping. Massage cupping involves the application of reverse pressure to the body to stimulate blood and lymph flow and to encourage the release of toxins and stress byproducts from deep within the tissues.

Encourage Lymph Circulation & Toxin Elimination With Massage Cupping

The reverse pressure of massage cupping is accomplished by the application of glass or plastic suction cups to problem areas. The cups are applied to coordinate with the natural flow of the lymphatic system to encourage lymph circulation and toxin elimination. Magnetized cups with positive and negative poles are available to enhance the tissue-healing process. The typical massage cupping therapy lasts for approximately 20 minutes and integrates well with traditional massage therapy.

– 30 minute cupping session $40.00. ( Includes 30 minutes of Swedish Work to help elongate muscle and release toxins)

– Add cupping to any massage for $15.00

Relief of Pain, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Insomnia, Sciatica & Poor Circulation

This therapeutic bodywork is used to facilitate the physical relief of chronic pain. It also increases circulation and accompanying tissue rejuvenation and detoxification, as well as increasing flexibility.

Additional benefits of massage cupping include:

  • Alleviates Stagnant Lymph System & Edema
  • Breaks Down Adhesions & Knots
  • Clears Stagnation
  • Decreases Lung Inflammation
  • Fibromyalgia Relief
  • Improves Poor Circulation
  • Improves a Sluggish Colon
  • Loosens Scar Tissue & Adhesions
  • Reduces Build-Up of Cellular Waste & Toxins
  • Reduces General Anxiety
  • Relieves Tissue & Joint Inflammation
  • Relieves Insomnia
  • Sciatica Relief
  • Stretches Muscles & Connective Tissues

Massage Cupping drags stagnant fluids from deep within your muscles and soft tissue and redistributes them up to the lymphatic system where they can be most efficiently eliminated by the body’s natural toxin disposal system.

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