Facials at Put Yourself First Day Spa

Put Yourself First Day Spa offers a variety of refreshing and revitalizing facials to restore the glow and tone of youthfulness to the skin of your face and neck.

Put Yourself First's professional skin care specialist can recommend the best treatments and products for your personalized skin care.

Skin Consultation $20

Our professional skin care specialist is available to evaluate the condition of your skin and recommend the most appropriate products and facial treatments to address your skin’s unique needs. Following evaluation, we offer a customized regimen from our selection of natural organic skin care to best benefit your skin’s condition and appearance. Our highly effective Eminence skin care line provides solutions for even the most problematic skin conditions.

Custom Facial Treatments for Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Acne, & Mature Skin

Basic Custom Facial $70

Our standard facial offers several benefits to help restore and reinvigorate the condition of your skin and underlying muscle tone. This therapeutic facial increases the circulation from deep within your facial musculature to relax the tension that contributes to the development of fine lines and wrinkles

The basic custom facial includes a skin condition evaluation by our trained skin care specialist to assess your needs and determine the most appropriate skin care products to achieve the best results for your unique skin challenges. Your skin will be professionally cleansed, exfoliated, and toned with premium professional-grade skin care products from the effective Eminence natural organic skin care line. Your treatment will be followed by application of the custom masque for your skin type and steam application to allow the masque to penetrate deep within your pores where it will effectively treat your skin from within. The treatment includes a full facial massage, application of Eminence moisturizer, and lip balm for an absolutely fresh, glowing appearance.

Mini Facial $55

This abbreviated version of our basic facial provides the same services tailored to your skin’s special needs. Ideal for clients who require a radiant glow in less time.

Bright Eye Wonders $20

Tired and puffy eyes have met their match. We cover your eyes with cucumber eye pads to detoxify, refresh, and decrease swelling and follow up the treatment with the Eminence eye care products designed to hydrate the skin of this delicate area, soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and further decreases puffiness and dark under eye circles. Additionally, a temple massage is included to release any muscle tension around the eye area. Add on to any facial.

Lip Plump Treatment $15

If you are experiencing dried, peeling lips, our three-step lip treatment will restore the lost moisture to your lips to relieve the dryness and improve the appearance of your lips. First, we thoroughly exfoliate the dead skin from your lips and follow-up with our special hydrating masque. After the masque has fully hydrated your lips, we then apply our rich lip-plumping balm to stimulate your lips to produce collagen and protect against further damage. Add on to any facial.

Age Defying Facial $95

Experience the return of your skin’s youthful glow and radiance with our age-defying facial. Following the same facial techniques as our basic custom facial, this specialty facial therapy utilizes the highly effective natural and organic Eminence anti-aging products designed specifically to treat the special needs of your mature skin. Flaxseed and red clover penetrate deep into the skin. The powerful antioxidants of this skin care system restore the tone, firmness, and smooth appearance of youthful skin to leave your face and neck looking attractive and feeling refreshed.

Acne & Problem Skin Facial $80

If you regularly experience issues such as acne flare-ups or breakouts, our acne and problem skin facial is the perfect solution to help clear up your problem from the source. This facial follows the same protocol as our basic custom facial. However, we apply the all-natural, organic Eminence anti-acne products designed specifically to effectively eliminate blackheads and clogged or enlarged pores. Problem areas are thoroughly cleaned and treated to allow healing to commence from within.

Bellanina Facelift Massage $110

This all-natural holistic massage is ideal for all ages and helps optimize your skin’s appearance of health, vitality, and smoothness. This massage is popular around the world amongst clients of all ages for appearance maintenance, but particularly among mature clients for its effective treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, poor skin and muscle tone, under eye bags, sagging neck, cheeks and jawline, and deep naso-labial folds. Unblock stuck energy and experience the return of your skin’s youthful glow, tone, and smoothness with the Bellanina facelift massage.

Treat Back Acne: Professional Cleansing & Exfoliation

Custom Back Facial $65

If you are experiencing breakouts or other skin concerns on your back, try our custom back facial. Allow our professional skin expert to take care of the impossible to reach areas of your back. The appropriate Eminence all-natural organic skin care products for your skin type and condition will be selected and applied to optimize your results. Your back will be thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, and steamed to open the pores. Your back treatment will be completed with the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

Honey Lift $10

Our all-natural honey lift eliminates environmental impurities and toxins and moisturizes the skin to leave your face with a beautiful glow that is unmistakable. The honey lift is the perfect ending for any facial treatment. The Sweet Add-on to Any Facial including our Back Facial.

Reserve your facial at Put Yourself First Day Spa and experience the luxurious difference that a professional facial service makes for your health, appearance, and self-confidence: (301) 759-5808.

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